Comment Policy

I’ve borrowed most of this from fellow-blogger Sabio at Triangulations.

I hold the right to delete or censor any comments which do not follow the rules below. I tend to be very forgiving about this kind of thing, and I find that I rarely have to enforce any of it. However, if I feel you’re violating anything, I’ll be sure to let you know.

On Tone and Style

  1. No personal attacks
    — No personal attacks or insults
    — No ad hominem arguments
    — No derogatory statements about entire groups (Christians, atheists, fundamentalists, young-earth creationists, etc)
  2. Limited vulgarity
    — I don’t necessarily mind the use of vulgarity, but please don’t get carried away. This isn’t a Tarantino film. 🙂

On Content

  1. Interact with the post
    — Please don’t come out of left field with your comment. If you’d like to talk to me about something unrelated to any of my active posts, just use the contact page.
    — At the same time, if a conversation fluidly moves into a new direction, that’s fine.