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I started this blog at the end of 2006, when I was a fundamentalist Christian. During 2010, I posted no articles, because I was in the midst of studying my way out of my religion. At the beginning of that year, I ran across articles that pointed out where the Book of Daniel contained inaccurate historical information. As I studied to try to disprove those claims, I found that the evidence actually came in against the Bible’s inspiration, not in support of it. That led me into further studies about the prophecy fulfillment issues, the internal inconsistencies, the historical and scientific inaccuracies, and all the problems involved in selecting and assembling the various manuscripts. And then, of course, there are all the problems with Christianity’s doctrines, not to mention the philosophical considerations.

Coming to terms with all of that information was incredibly difficult, especially since my wife and I were raising three young children. We eventually reached a point where we knew we could no longer call ourselves Christians, and we did not want to raise our children under a set of beliefs that we felt were false. But this presented even more problems for us, since our families were strictly observant Christians who believed they had to sever relationships with any who left the faith.

This blog discusses how my wife and I navigated our journey away from faith, and it illustrates how religion can actually be very damaging, even though most people assume it’s helpful, or at least innocuous. In the beginning, this blog was intended as a beacon to help draw people closer to Christ, but now I use it to help undo some of the falsehoods I helped spread as a Christian. You’ll find some of my more substantial posts linked below.

About the Blog’s Title

“Finding Truth” is a goal — an aspiration. I’m not claiming to have found truth; this blog simply represents my ongoing goal of reaching it.

Why Do I Blog?

A Brand New Direction
Why Do I Blog?
What Have I Gained? (by leaving Christianity)

The Story of My Deconversion

Start here: How It Happened: My Deconversion Part 1

On Withdrawal

Withdrawal Part 1: My Situation
Withdrawal Part 2: Doctrinal Considerations

Skeptical Bible Study

Skeptical Bible Study: The Book of Daniel
Family Ties: Nebuchadnezzar, Nabonidus, Belshazzar, and Nitocris
Skeptical Bible Study: Tower of Babel
The Book of Job: Serious or Satire?
“Times of Ignorance”
Bloody Well Right
Romans 9: A Divine and Fickle Dictator
Jewish Disciples Wouldn’t Have Created the Idea of a Resurrection?

Prophecy Failures

Does the Bible Contain True Prophecies?
Prophecy Part 1: Introduction
Prophecy Part 2: Throne Forever
Prophecy Part 3: Egypt & Rachel
Prophecy Part 4: Triumphal Entry
Prophecy Part 5: Virgin Birth
Prophecy Part 6: Tyre (You can also check out this post: This City Doesn’t Exist)
Prophecy Part 7: Isaiah 53 & Psalm 22
Prophecy Part 8: Conclusion
Cities Without Walls

Series on the Prophecy of Tyre

Part 1: The Prophecy at Face Value
Part 2: A Brief History of Tyre
Part 3: Mainland or Island?
Part 4: The Details
Part 5: Final Thoughts
Tyre by the Numbers

Contradictions in the Bible

Contradictions Part 1: Introduction
Contradictions Part 2: Two Examples
Contradictions Part 3: Brief Examples
Contradictions Part 4: Hares Chewing the Cud
Contradictions Part 5: Out of Egypt
Contradictions Part 6: Jesus’s Genealogy
Contradictions Part 7: Judas
Contradictions Part 8: The Crucifixion
Contradictions Part 9: The Resurrection
Contradictions Part 10: Conclusion
Contradiction: Was There a Sojourn in Egypt or Not?

The Problem With Hell

The Importance of Hell
The Problem of Hell Part 1: Textual Issues
The Problem of Hell Part 2: Logical Issues

The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil


Is Color Objective or Subjective?
Objective Rock Music
The Bible’s Morality
Why, as an Atheist, Do I Value Morality?
What About My Children?

Miscellaneous Aricles

The Big Picture
Why Some People Believe the Bible (And Why the Reasons Aren’t Good Enough)
God Made Us This Way — It’s Only Reasonable He’d Be Angry About It
Letter To Kathy (the Bible Has Problems)
Love and Compulsion
Is It Fair to Expect Inerrancy from the Bible?