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Looking for Clues of the Exodus in Today’s World

I was looking online for some maps of the Sinai peninsula in order to prepare for class I’m going to teach this coming trimester, and I came across a really interesting site that tries to tie in the Biblical accounts of the Iraelites’ exodus from Egypt to Canaan with the geography of the area.

horebrock5111.jpgIf you’re into maps and things, then I suggest you check out this site [Edit: actually, don’t bother. This information has been debunked pretty thoroughly. If you’d like to know more, you can start here.]. They’ve done some really great research that uses topographical information in order to pinpoint possible sites of the Red Sea crossing, Mt Sinai, and the rock in Horeb that God drew water out of by telling Moses to strike it.

We may never know for certain if these things are coincidences or actual physical evidence of the events found in the Bible, but it certainly is interesting. And it can’t help but bolster your faith a little too, you know?

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