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Why Do I Blog?

I thought it might be helpful to take a break in my current vein of posts to talk about why I’m actually doing this at all. A lot of people have been bothered by my recent posts, and I can understand that. I currently hold a much different position than I used to, and that’s disconcerting to say the least. So why am I doing this? Am I trying to tear down other people’s faith? And if so, why would I bother if I don’t think any of it’s real?

First of all, one of the main reasons I’m posting about these issues is for the same reason that Lee Corso is a sports commentator: it’s what I know. I’ve spent my whole life studying these things, and I still find them interesting. So I think that’s a good reason to continue.

Secondly, if I were really trying to ruin religion for everyone else, there are much more efficient ways to go about it. I could have sent mass letters or emails to everyone I know, detailing all the problems I saw with the Bible and Christianity. I could have posted anti-religious messages non-stop on Facebook. But I didn’t do any of that. I don’t even take advantage of all the options within WordPress to drive traffic to my blog. People only find what I’ve written if they’re searching for the topics I’ve posted about, or if they previously knew about my blog.

So I’m really not posting again as an effort to drive people away from religion. Honestly, I just like having the outlet. I’ve also enjoyed the different conversations that I’ve been able to have on here over the years. I’ve always wanted this blog to be a dialogue, not a pulpit. I hope it’s a place where we can all share ideas, hopefully in a respectful manner. And who knows, maybe we’ll even learn something.

Finally, I really like some of my early posts. I hated to take them down, even though I now believe something different. There have been some really good discussions on here, and there are some points that might be helpful to people as they conduct their own searches for truth. But since my worldview has changed so profoundly, I felt that I needed to couch those earlier posts in context. And my blog has always been a search for truth — I don’t believe that principle has changed. So it seemed appropriate to show where my search has brought me and why.

If I’ve caused offense by anything I’ve posted here lately, I’m truly sorry for that. My current views have brought a lot of pain and confusion to my family, and I really regret that. I haven’t meant to cause them any problems in what I’ve said here. In fact, they may be happier if they didn’t visit my blog anymore. Instead, these posts are for my own catharsis and for people who are interested in the topics. I hope they’ll be helpful.

6 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?”

  1. It is REALLY interesting you just posted this…BECAUSE I was considering e-mailing you to ask about your underlying motives! Just curiosity on my part. And wondering if you were indeed just angry and trying to tear down other people’s faith.

    I think believers need to be much more open (and gracious and kind) in listening to those with other views. Both closed minded skepticism and closed minded Christianity equally irk me. We can always learn from others.

    Thanks for sharing your heart…We are all on a journey.


  2. “If I’ve caused offense by anything I’ve posted here lately, I’m truly sorry for that.” —

    Truly, if somebody does not agree with your opinions and for that reason no longer visits your blog – and thus examines and enjoys who you are – you really aren’t losing anything. If someone only cares for you because you think like them, there really wasn’t much substance in the first place. I’d venture to say: You’re better off now, because they have probably been holding back your growth.

    ” And wondering if you were indeed just angry and trying to tear down other people’s faith.” —

    Oddly, voicing your own opinion about what matters is interpreted as tearing down other people’s faith? If a person can be torn down by the existence of others who don’t agree, that person will have a hard time holding up.


  3. Of course, I really appreciate your blog, and I’m glad you’ve written what you have.

    In fact, the name of my blog was meant to convey the same idea–but of course “finding truth” was already taken… 🙂


  4. Thanks man! I appreciate your taking the time to go through so many of my recent posts. It’s not always easy to find the time for that kind of thing!


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