New Layout

WordPress has so many great themes, I have trouble sticking to just one. I really liked the last one I was using, but I felt that the font was a little small. I also felt like moving to something with a brighter feel. Any thoughts on this one?

11 thoughts on “New Layout”

  1. I like the font on this one. Easier to read. The green highlights are okay, but not my favorite (as you can tell from my blog and avatar, I favor oranges and browns).

    It looks very professional, but a little sterile. Is there any color customization? Or a discrete photo background? Just a thought.

    As it is, it is very nice and easy to read.


  2. I’m afraid I can’t remember the previous one – how’s that for a memory!? This one looks nice (I like the green), but two sidebars means narrower posts and hence longer posts – dunno if that matters.

    I keep changing my mind about designs also. No reason with WordPress why we shouldn’t change from time to time just for variety..


  3. I don’t like it!! I almost exclusively read the blog on my iPhone and as of now, I no longer have a list of recent comments (which I use ALL the time). Fix it, or I’ll boycott!! Just kidding, but seriously, fix it! 🙂


  4. Thanks for all the feedback! I played around with the color scheme a little, but for now, I’ve decided to stick with green. I did darken the link color a bit though — I thought that made it a little easier to read.

    I added recent posts back to the right sidebar — thanks Nan!

    I agree with unklee that having 3 sidebars makes the columns narrower. There are some drawbacks from that, especially since i tend to write long posts…

    The overall theme is pretty stark. I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet. On one hand, I think it makes the page brighter, which I view as a plus. But it does tend to give a sterile look. So I’m still thinking about that.

    Graham, sorry that the recent comments aren’t showing up on your phone! Do you see 3 columns, or just two?

    Thanks again everyone!


  5. Hey, Nate. It’s been a while.

    Well, you know what I discovered was control + , ctrl/+ takes care of the small fonts problem. Unfortunately most people don’t know about it.

    I think I probably have to stick with what I’ve got for the sake of branding, what with it being a magazine and all.


  6. Liking the font, liking the “cleanness”. I would agree with UnkleE and you that narrower post space means longer posts. All that means you just have to keep the reader riveted throughout, hehe! Don’t think that’s been a problem so far. 🙂


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