So Chik-Fil-A Was Busy Today…

When my wife and I pulled into our local shopping center, we couldn’t figure out why traffic was backed up so far down the highway, until we saw the long line of cars trying to get into Chik-Fil-A. Then we remembered that today was “Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day.”

How stupid. Look, Dan Cathy is free to do what he wants with his money. I think it’s tacky for a restaurant chain to donate to social political movements, and I wish this was just something he did with his own money. But ultimately, that’s his call to make. I just hate that so many people in this area applaud the fight against marriage equality. I think this is one of the big civil rights issues of our generation, and I’m afraid many of these people are going to feel that they were on the wrong side of it when they look back on this in 20 years. I guess we’ll see.

It is kind of funny that most of the people against gay marriage cite biblical values. The same biblical values that say people should only divorce for infidelity and that pre-marital sex is an abomination. Makes you wonder why they don’t address those “attacks” on marriage as fanatically as they do this one.

4 thoughts on “So Chik-Fil-A Was Busy Today…”

  1. Reminds me of a TV documentary we saw many years ago, about a minister in some obscure independent Bible belt church in the US who had been married I think it was 17 times, and by then he was getting old and his latest wife was rather younger and prettier. When asked how he justified this continual divorce and re-marriage when the Bible spoke against it, he drawled:

    “I don’t read that part.”


  2. I am not with the Chic File crowd. I showed a case history of excommunication. I am also not with the radical gay left eithor, on every issue. I think the world of Nate, and I really enjoy reading his material. I am sandwiched between two radical fringe special interest groups. I have a few gay friends. I could care less. It does not affect how I see them. I support equality, rights, jobs and housing. I am aware of biological genetic homosexuality. Far too many of them are misguided into choosing fad homosexuality, but that is okay for them, it’s their right. Where I draw the line is when it affects other people. It is fairly easy to find on Google the Secular case against Gay Marriage. I support civil unions. I do not support the Gay adoption of foster children below the age of 18 for roll modeling. Gay animals in the wild do not procreate or care for the young. This is why I do not support Gay Marriage. Our country is headed for Ancient Greco Roman culture. Everyone was gay including Socrates and Plato, and it was the custom to use young boys, minors below the age of 18. I also do not see why we need to put our military service personnel into a hostile work environment. That is a voyeurs candy shop. There will be a lot of date rape, stalking and harrassment, we are begging for it. We do not allow schizos, spinabifidas, diabetics, autistics, in the military, because military culture is anti-thetical, etc. You see my point. I have gay friends. I have no problem with being with them in certain contexts, I hope they find jobs and housing, relationships, live in partners, etc. As an Atheist, I am an odd ball. I just want other Atheist to know that you do not have to follow the far radical left to be an Atheist.


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