Perhaps an Apolgy Is in Order

In my last post I talked about the outlook shared by many of the people in the church of Christ — the group of which I was once a member. It was pointed out to me in the following comments that I had been unfair in my treatment of my ex-brethren. While that was not my intent, I can see how it might have come across that way to some of them.

I’m very sorry.

In fact, while it’s true that many people did not choose to discuss or study the issues with me when I was struggling with my doubts, there were a number of others who did. A few in particular studied with me many times, even though it was a painful and unpleasant experience for them. I will forever appreciate the time and effort they put forth to help me in my struggles and to try to bring me back to the faith. They stuck with me and my wife in an earnest dedication that spoke highly of their convictions. I know it was an act of love, even though we were all filled with frustration at the circumstances. So to them, I offer a sincere apology. They were not the individuals I had in mind with my last post.

3 thoughts on “Perhaps an Apolgy Is in Order”

  1. Nate, you are what Aussies would call a good bloke. I admire you greatly even while I profoundly disagree with you. Best wishes to you. : )


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