10 Year Anniversary!

Today marks 10 years since I started this blog! I had planned to do a big post in commemoration — maybe talk about some of the first posts I wrote and call attention to all the commenters who have helped make this blog so interesting over the years. Sadly, I didn’t have time to pull all that together, but I hated to let the day go by without saying something.

So to those of you who have been following along, thank you! Blogging has been far more important to me than I ever could have imagined when I first started. I’ve learned many things, I’ve grown as a person, and I’ve made several very real friendships through this blog. I’m proud of the 10 years that we’ve shared to this point, and I hope that we have many more. Thanks, guys. 🙂

30 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary!”

  1. Peter, that’s a really kind comment — thank you! Yes, I am proud that we usually keep the discussion very civil here. I appreciate that most of the people who comment here respect the tone and keep the conversation moving along in a respectful way.

    And let me add that I have a lot of respect for you as well. You’re always very considerate and thoughtful in what you have to say, and your depth of knowledge is a real asset to all the blogs you comment on. I especially appreciate it here, since you studied in a much more formal setting than I ever did, and I usually learn something whenever you comment.

    As to the nested comments, that’s a good question, and it’s come up before. Arch used to give me grief about it all the time, in fact. 🙂

    Sadly, I’ve found that they don’t work that well on my blog, mostly because I’ve gone so long without them. Long ago, I moved to nested comments, but back then, I don’t think you could set how deep they would nest, and a lot of the commenters got confused on how to keep a comment chain going. Invariably, someone would finally start a new one, which made subsequent reading confusing, so I turned it off.

    A year or two ago, I tried turning them on again, but I found that it completely wrecked all my old comment threads. Instead of keeping all the old posts unnested, it tried to group everything. But since some people commented through the WordPress reader (which kept the reply-chains intact) and others were just using the comment form at the bottom of the page, all those old conversations were jumbled. So for readability sake, I’m afraid I’ll always be nest-free.


  2. After reading Howie and Nate’s comments I decided to give destiny a try. Played the first mission last night. Seems pretty cool. If I can figure it out I may be hooked. Is this still a popular game or has something better replaced it?


  3. Congratulations my friend, time flies so quickly! It has been an interesting ride to say the least. Proud of all you’ve done.


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