Debunking the Devil

Thought this was a great article. I haven’t researched it to the degree that this author has, so I can’t speak to the complete accuracy of what he says. But he makes a great case, and it’s the same view I’ve held for a while.

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

The ancient Persians had a significant impact upon some of the core myths that underscore Judaism and Christianity.  Among other things, Judaism and Christianity owe thanks to the Persian priests of Zoroaster for the light versus darkness motif, the belief in an impending apocalypse, and the messianic dogma.  But above all, both Jews and Christians should thank Persia for the Devil himself.  I think it’s fair to say that had they not adopted this fictitious character from the Persians, they might not have succeeded with such ease in persuading and maintaining their frightened and superstitious flocks.

The religion of Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, received its name from a Magian Priest by the name of Zoroaster (Greek)/Zarathustra (Persian), who was a loyal servant of the “one true” Persian God Ahura Mazda, or Ormuzd.  Ormuzd was commonly referred to as the “The Holy Spirit” in the pre-Christian portions of the Avesta.(1)  This…

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The Big Picture

We live in a world where it’s possible to question the very existence of God, even the supernatural altogether. Our world also contains many religions that, more often than not, tend to break out along ethnic and cultural boundaries. Most of these religions claim to be the one true way to win the “game” of… Continue reading The Big Picture

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New Book About Hitchens Claims Too Much

Here in Birmingham, there's a writer and Christian apologist named Larry Taunton who has a new book called The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World's Most Notorious Atheist. I know. Just the title itself is enough to get your blood boiling. Taunton actually knew Hitchens personally, as the two engaged in… Continue reading New Book About Hitchens Claims Too Much

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To What Extent Should Parents’ Religious Beliefs Affect a Child’s Well-Being?

Mariah Walton was born with a birth defect that could have been fixed rather easily, if her parents had only allowed it (if there's an ad in the video, it's worth waiting through it): I take parents' rights very seriously, but how many examples of children being harmed by their parents' belief in faith healing… Continue reading To What Extent Should Parents’ Religious Beliefs Affect a Child’s Well-Being?

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New Information on Literacy Rates in Ancient Judah

A new study using computer-aided handwriting analysis suggests that literacy rates may have been higher in the ancient Kingdom of Judah than previously thought. The story's pretty fascinating, and you can read more about it at these links (thanks to SPG and Graham for sending these my way): http://gizmodo.com/artificial-intelligence-sheds-new-light-on-the-origins-1769736018 http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-evidence-on-when-bible-was-written-ancient-shopping-lists/ar-BBrDfep?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=HPCOMMDHP15 One of the things that… Continue reading New Information on Literacy Rates in Ancient Judah


I Wonder [A Hughman #1]


I’ve just listened to the first YouTube video from A Hughman, and it was a refreshing and enjoyable way to spend some time on my lunch-break (even if I couldn’t really see the screen properly in the sun).

I’m looking forward to his other episodes.

I was already beginning to think that ‘wonder’ is one of the most powerful things you can experience, and a noble end in itself, but this video meditates on the issues beautifully.

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Family Ties: Nebuchadnezzar, Nabonidus, Belshazzar, and Nitocris

Regular readers of this blog may know that one of the first lines of evidence that caused me to begin questioning my Christian faith had to do with the Book of Daniel. There are a number of issues within the book that have led the majority of scholars to conclude that it was not written… Continue reading Family Ties: Nebuchadnezzar, Nabonidus, Belshazzar, and Nitocris


Moral anti-realism and the problem of evil

This is one of Travis’s older posts, but it’s new to me, and I think it’s great. He offers a fantastic illustration that shows how moral realism is not a satisfactory objection (or resolution) to the problem of evil.

A Measure of Faith

Italianate_Landscape_with_an_Artist_Sketching_from_NatureOn several recent episodes of the Stand to Reason podcast, Greg Koukl has argued that those who do not hold to moral realism cannot put forth the problem of evil as evidence against the existence of God because, in short, they cannot define evil. J. Warner Wallace makes the same claim in Cold Case Christianity. They tie this back to the moral argument, wherein the existence of objective morality counts as evidence for the existence of God (as the ultimate grounding of that morality). They then show that this results in an ironic turnabout wherein the claim that evil exists actually counts in favor of God’s existence rather than against it.

Support for subjective morality means surrendering the most rhetorically appealing argument against God:  evil.
– Greg Koukl in Solid Ground, May/June 2014

The problem of evil is perhaps the most difficult issue to address … When people…

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A Modern-Day Abraham

Well, it's no longer a scenario we have to imagine. I'm sad to say that there's a case currently underway not far from where I live concerning a man who murdered his daughter because "Yahweh" told him to. You can read the full story here. Stephon Lindsay killed his 20-month old daughter Maliyah in March… Continue reading A Modern-Day Abraham