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God and Global Warming

I’ve found it interesting in recent years that the Global Warming debate has been so controversial, especially among those who consider themselves to be Christians. I know their general point is that God will destroy the world, not man. Tangential to that is the argument that what we are witnessing is really just part of a larger cycle, something the earth goes through regularly over such a long period of time that we haven’t yet observed the whole phenomenon in recorded history.

Personally, I do believe the Biblical account that God will one day destroy the world. And there is some compelling scientific evidence that our current global warming is just part of a larger natural cycle. But does that completely abdicate us of any responsibility? Let’s not forget that there is also very good evidence that suggests man is contributing to global warming.

Here’s where I think everything went off track: this whole discussion doesn’t have to be about how the world will end. Instead, we should be considering how we’re treating the things God has given us. God told us to honor and care for our own bodies (1 Cor 6:19-20). Don’t you think we should treat this world the same way? Letting pollution go unchecked may not result in the destruction of the world, but it will certainly result in a dirtier world with greater health risks.

I’ve actually seen people who are so angry at the whole global warming discussion that they brag about the size of their carbon footprint. Are we really showing honor to God’s creation when we live so carelessly? Maybe Christians should actually be among those who are leading the way in conservancy, instead of trying to mock and sabotage it.

If it really doesn’t matter how we treat this world, then why don’t we just push the notion a little further and poison all our water sources? What’s the worst that could happen? Or instead of waiting for Iran to get nuclear weapons, let’s just give them ours! It’s not like they could destroy the world or anything…

Ultimately, we all benefit from living in a cleaner world. And we have the technology to live in ways that create less impact to the environment. So if we’re trying to live our lives in a way that conforms to God’s will, then let’s support those initiatives, not fight against them.

2 thoughts on “God and Global Warming”

  1. Are you saying that I should stop poisoning our rivers & streams?

    …Your argument stands to reason. I agree, we may not destroy the earth, but we can make it more difficult to live in.


  2. I would like to add that I am related to a “big-wig” in Washington DC, who happens to be a Republican and works for Natural Conservation, or the EPA (something like that), and I am told that teh Ice caps up North are indeed melting and the inuits and eskimos are having to retreat farther inland. these events have not occured in our written history. Of course, my memory could be poor, and I certainly did not gather any data on my own – I could be mistaken.

    Should be easy to look up. Man has hunted certain animals to extinction. And we try to put out forest fires and I don’t think it’s because we believe the fire will destroy the earth if we leave it, but we know it can cause some serious damage. Would anyone argue that the firefighters are foolish, and that they labor in vain? …Stupid firefighters, they’re not honest enough to realize that God will destroy the earth, not some electrical fire or forest fire.


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