Why Christians Shouldn’t Support Roy Moore

I'm sorry to post about something so local, but some of you outside of Alabama might find this interesting anyway. Because Jeff Sessions was one of our Senators prior to being appointed to US Attorney General, our state is in the process of holding a special election to replace him. The Democratic nominee, Doug Jones,… Continue reading Why Christians Shouldn’t Support Roy Moore


3 Questions for Atheists — 2nd Question

If you haven't read the first post, you can find it here. Otherwise, I'll assume we're all on the same page. Here's question 2: 2. You behave ethically. I suggest that is because you were brought up christian. Most atheists choose to behave reasonably ethically, but why? Are some things really right and wrong, if… Continue reading 3 Questions for Atheists — 2nd Question

God or Mammon?

I love the Diane Rehm Show on NPR. Every Friday, she does a "news roundup" with a panel of journalists; the first hour is about the week's domestic news, and the second hour is about the week's international news. Always an informative show. In the domestic hour of her Feb 3rd show, a caller made… Continue reading God or Mammon?

Great Article on Sex Education

The New York Times posted a really interesting article on 11/16 about the way sexuality is taught in schools (Teaching Good Sex, by Laurie Abraham). Primarily, the article dealt with the way the subject is handled by a private school in Philadelphia. This particular program doesn't shy away from the tough questions that can accompany… Continue reading Great Article on Sex Education

God and Global Warming

I’ve found it interesting in recent years that the Global Warming debate has been so controversial, especially among those who consider themselves to be Christians. I know their general point is that God will destroy the world, not man. Tangential to that is the argument that what we are witnessing is really just part of… Continue reading God and Global Warming