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Great Article on Sex Education

The New York Times posted a really interesting article on 11/16 about the way sexuality is taught in schools (Teaching Good Sex, by Laurie Abraham). Primarily, the article dealt with the way the subject is handled by a private school in Philadelphia. This particular program doesn’t shy away from the tough questions that can accompany such a subject. Instead of just talking about safety, they discuss pleasure, personal rights, communication, and even explore the insecurities that plague so many of us, even into adulthood. I was really impressed with the piece and recommend it highly. I think we’re a long way from being able to do something like this in public schools, but it would be great if we could at least begin having the discussion.

1 thought on “Great Article on Sex Education”

  1. Enjoyed this article. I personally am a bit torn. While I want to encourage my son to wait till marriage before entering into a sexual relationship for a number of reasons I realize there are plenty of folks that are not raising their children that way. Also I realize that I was rasied with this view of abstinence and still had premarital sex. Teenagers and hormones you know, luckly my expereinces were with my now wife. I can see the benifits of a class like this even though I might not like a lot of what it teaches. Thought provoking for sure.


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