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Moving Eulogy of Christopher Hitchens by His Brother Peter

As most of you probably know by now, Christopher Hitchens died on December 15. I’ve read a couple of eulogies for him since then, but I think this one by his brother (who is a Christian) is especially moving. Whatever your opinion of Christopher Hitchens, I highly recommend reading this touching remembrance.

6 thoughts on “Moving Eulogy of Christopher Hitchens by His Brother Peter”

  1. Thanks! I’m really glad you stopped by. And I think your blog is fantastic! It’s amazing how similar our stories are — I’m definitely going to subscribe to your blog, and I’ve been thinking about adding a blogroll here too. So if you don’t mind, I’ll be adding you to that also. Hope you’ll continue to stop by when you can!


  2. Absolutely, I’d love to be part of your blog roll (if you decide to add one). Thanks for subscribing too (and for the kind words)! It’s comments like yours that encourage me to keep at it.


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  4. @jburger Wow…just, wow. Oddly, I’ve had conversations with people that spoke like that ramble in person.


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