Why Christians Shouldn’t Support Roy Moore

I'm sorry to post about something so local, but some of you outside of Alabama might find this interesting anyway. Because Jeff Sessions was one of our Senators prior to being appointed to US Attorney General, our state is in the process of holding a special election to replace him. The Democratic nominee, Doug Jones,… Continue reading Why Christians Shouldn’t Support Roy Moore


Not Surprising at All

FiveThirtyEight has a new article up that illustrates how education and religion factor in to this presidential election. The findings are pretty much what you'd expect, but you may be interested in reading the full article anyway. By the way, the FiveThirtyEight Elections Podcast is excellent, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

On Hillary

I almost never post political stuff here, so I apologize in advance to those of you who don't care for this kind of thing. Also, while there was some big news today about the FBI recommending no indictment for Clinton over the email scandal, this post isn't about that. Instead, I read two articles today… Continue reading On Hillary

Colbert on Religion (and other stuff)

Just a quick post about something I ran across today. I actually have a much more in-depth post coming up on the Book of Job that should be ready in the next week or so. But while I was working today, I listened to an interview that Stephen Colbert gave to Salt + Light, which… Continue reading Colbert on Religion (and other stuff)

PolitiFact Misses the Mark on Jesus

I love PolitiFact. I follow them on Facebook, and I always appreciate the fact-checking they do every time a politician makes a claim. Last week, they had an article that caught my eye, titled "Jesus was an 'undocumented immigrant,' ordained minister says." The minister, Ryan Eller, is the executive director of a group that works… Continue reading PolitiFact Misses the Mark on Jesus

Public Office and Political Activism Just Don’t Mix

As I've mentioned before, my home state of Alabama has recently been wrangling over the subject of gay marriage. A federal judge in the city of Mobile ruled that Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, which made us the 37th state legalizing it. Even though the state was dragged into this position, I couldn't… Continue reading Public Office and Political Activism Just Don’t Mix

Rules on How to Be an Atheist? Really?

The other day, I ran across a poll on whether Christmas should be a government holiday, and one of the commenters said this: No matter how you slice it, xmas has roots in religion. Atheists celebrating xmas is not merely inane, but shows weak conviction. Atheists should celebrate real, important events, like the date of… Continue reading Rules on How to Be an Atheist? Really?

How It Happened: My Deconversion Part 1

Lately I've been reading The Bittersweet End, and I've been quite engrossed in the way his story is unfolding. He began the blog as a place to gather his thoughts about a few doubts he was dealing with. Over the last year, he has moved further and further away from belief, until he now pretty… Continue reading How It Happened: My Deconversion Part 1

How to Stay Open-Minded

There's a blog called Measure of Doubt that I've recently run across. It's not primarily concerned with religion -- it's mostly concerned with philosophy and science. Anyway, they recently uploaded a video that I think is excellent, and I decided to share it. In the video, Julia shares some tips on how to prepare yourself… Continue reading How to Stay Open-Minded