Infographic – Timeline of the New Testament Books

This is a must-see! Check it out!

Jericho Brisance

One of the many difficulties the New Testament presents for scholars is dating and sequencing the books in order. Some of the books were written anonymously and did not specify an author. Dating of documents was also not undertaken. Using a range of textual clues, scholars have developed approximate dates for the books. While timelines can be found from a number of sources, I had trouble finding any that were annotated with other significant events of the period. Thus, the following timeline, which combines information from several resources.

My hope is that this may serve as a fairly rich “info-graphic” to help outline the development of Christology and “historical” information about Jesus as contained in the gospels. (please do advise if you find any errors)

New Testament Timeline - JerichoBrisance

The core timeline – which consisted of only the books and their dates – was drawn from Raymond E. Brown’s Introduction to the New Testament (RC)…

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8 thoughts on “Infographic – Timeline of the New Testament Books”

  1. I have. You’re right, it’s very interesting. So far, I’ve heard a lot of skepticism from just about every corner, but I’m very curious to see where it eventually lands.


  2. Christians will never accept Atwill’s theory (above link). That’s a given. Yet, it will be interesting to see how far it goes in the secular world.


  3. Thanks Howie ! I am not endorsing Atwill. I was simply wondering if anyone had read the article about him. I will check the link out you provided. Thanks again !


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