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A Modern-Day Abraham

Well, it’s no longer a scenario we have to imagine. I’m sad to say that there’s a case currently underway not far from where I live concerning a man who murdered his daughter because “Yahweh” told him to. You can read the full story here.

Stephon Lindsay killed his 20-month old daughter Maliyah in March 2013 and confessed to it not long after. As he explained to police, “I only did what he told me to do to her… he wanted me to get rid of her.” According to Lindsay, “Whoever did not have the family name will die.” And “I tried to make her right by him. He didn’t want her.”

It’s a horribly tragic story, but it’s also hard to not comment on the irony. The article I linked to makes no reference to this story being similar to the story of Abraham and Isaac, and they don’t even acknowledge that it’s the same God. As the article says, “he claimed he was told to do it by his god, Yahweh.” Most people in Etowah county, where this is being tried, are Christian, yet I doubt any of them have stopped to wonder if Lindsay might have actually been following an order from God. I have heard so many Christians over the years comment on Abraham’s great faith, without considering how terrible that story actually is. Now they see a real life example, and they immediately know that what Lindsay did is an atrocity. Sadly, most of them won’t think as deeply about this as they should.

What’s the difference between divine revelation and just a voice in your head? How could Lindsay have possibly known that God wouldn’t stay his hand just as he supposedly did for Abraham? The only real differences between these two stories is that one actually happened only 3 years ago, and the other is ancient legend. It’s the same god, and it’s the same action. Yet millions of Jews, Christians, and Muslims revere Abraham and his “great faith.”

As atheists, many of us have asked people to imagine how they’d react if they heard a voice telling them to kill their own child. Or how they would react if they heard about someone doing that because “God told them to.” Sadly, we no longer have to discuss this as mere speculation.

63 thoughts on “A Modern-Day Abraham”

  1. No, he definitely falls onto a giant satellite dish, and it looks like the antennae stabbed him at first… but turns out it didn’t. It shows him flying off in a helicopter where he starts to latch onto the EMT who’s helping him.


  2. hi you guys, nate, arch nan. thanks for your support. arch is right, no sugar coatin gthis, I know what’s going on. well, my sister got so mad at me for laughing about the “exorcist” I can no longer write my nephew. my sister is a horrible person. if any one needed an exorcism it would be her sorry alcoholic evil lying ass.

    anyway. I’ve been staying off the computer pretty much, it’s messing with my head. just makes me angry everytime I log on. lol

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  3. thank you Nan. i’m trying to do my best. i’m actually going to go start seeing a therapist next week to talk about all of this, because I cannot discuss it with anyone around me. they all think that my nephew being sent away to a Christian boarding school is a great idea and that having an exorcist pray over him is just fine and dandy.
    I think it’s nuts and they’re nuts.
    they think I just dont’ “understand”.
    i’m doing my best not to let it drive me crazy.
    I do appreciate all of your support.


  4. right, Melissa joan hart, aka “Sabrina the teenage WITCH. too funny. I hope she wiggles her nose in the movie and resurrect a dead cat or something like she did on tv. I loved that show.. lol.


  5. Good! It sounds like you really do need to talk this out with an unbiased party. My only advice? Make sure the therapist isn’t a Christian. Many of them are, even though they don’t say so in so many words. That’s the last thing you would need!


  6. Melissa Joan Hart has never had a successful series, just as Kevin Sorbo, of the first movie, hasn’t had a steady job since “Hercules,” which lasted for only 4 years, 20 years ago – apologetic films seem to be the dumping ground for out-of-work actors, and they seem to have motif, “Christians good, Atheists bad!”

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  7. thanks Nan, I just received in the mail a questionnaire i’m to fill out before my appt.
    one of the very first questions is
    “do you have any religious/spiritual preference?

    I wrote, ” I prefer they keep their nonsense to themselves and stop being such lying frauds.”

    so, if my therapist is a christian, that will be the very first thing I discuss with her, and if she is, most likely it will be the last thing I discuss with her.

    seriously, thanks for caring you guys.

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  8. i’m doing my best not to let it drive me crazy.

    Oh, I think we all know that that ship has sailed, we just happen to like your kind of crazy!

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  9. You do a great job of that. Nate originally objected to your avatar, but I think he’s gotten over that now. Nate’s an example of being not quite crazy enough.

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  10. I’ve always kind of liked the actor playing the prosecutor, and the guy playing the judge. And the teenage girl showing in the thumbnail is on the Goldbergs, which is a great show. I’ve really liked her in it! Hate to see her in crap like this. 😦


  11. nate is a good guy.
    I can’t comprehend being as civil as he.
    to me, that’s CRAZY!!!!
    oh well, somebodies got to do it.

    i’m glad to see you are all still here doing what you do. i’ll check back in more often.

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  12. I’ve always kind of liked the actor playing the prosecutor

    Me too, Ray Wise once had a series, “Reaper,” in which he played Satan – he had the best quips and one-liners! “Speak of the me —

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  13. I wont watch the movie, but i don’t really care that they made one. And I don’t really care if a teacher acknowledges a believe in whatever they believe in, especially if they’re asked. Exchange of ideas doesn’t have to equal indoctrination. Granted, there may be a fine line, but that’s life.

    But the Christians should know that if they get to do it, then it’s allowed for everyone, whether Muslims, Wickens, Satan Worshipers and even atheists.

    I just really don’t care and personally think society encourages being offended

    So the movie looks dumb. Let the fools have their “first world persecution” movies.

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