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Letter to Kathy (the Bible Has Problems)

Dear Kathy, Since you graciously agreed (in our recent conversation) to let me present you with some examples of the Bible's problems, I decided to do it in this way so it would have its own comment thread. As I've said, when I was a Christian, one strike against the Bible was not enough to… Continue reading Letter to Kathy (the Bible Has Problems)

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Is Color Objective or Subjective?

Do you see red the same way that I do? I suppose there's not really a way to know. Even if we could agree on seeing the subtle differences between fire engine red and candy apple red, how do we know that we're seeing those differences in the same way? You could get an objective… Continue reading Is Color Objective or Subjective?

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Collateral Damage

Yesterday, the discussion on this thread got into the subject of the problems of evil and suffering. One of the participants in the discussion suggested that the dilemma could be resolved if God had reasons for allowing evil and suffering to exist, even if we don't know what those reasons are. On the surface, this… Continue reading Collateral Damage

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Last Night on Colbert — AC Grayling: The Case for Humanism

Caught this last night and really enjoyed the interview (conducted in typical Colbert fashion). I'll definitely pick up this book, especially as it relates to some of the morality discussions we've been having on this blog lately. I had trouble embedding the video, so here's the link: