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Pandora’s Box

The other day I started thinking about what would have happened if I had stopped looking critically at Christianity after reading those articles that first made me question the Bible's legitimacy. What if I had turned from them and decided to never look at anything else that might cause me to doubt my faith? If… Continue reading Pandora’s Box

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Have a Little Faith

I spent a long time as a Christian. I'm able to look back on much of that time very fondly. I loved my fellow brethren, and I truly wanted to learn more about God's will and do my best to follow it. But there was also a deep fear tied to my belief. I think… Continue reading Have a Little Faith

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Collateral Damage

Yesterday, the discussion on this thread got into the subject of the problems of evil and suffering. One of the participants in the discussion suggested that the dilemma could be resolved if God had reasons for allowing evil and suffering to exist, even if we don't know what those reasons are. On the surface, this… Continue reading Collateral Damage

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A Similar Journey

To my friends that read this blog, I've run across another that you should check out. I haven't actually read his blog entries yet -- instead, his landing page is an intro to his journey out of faith. And it consists of multiple pages, much like reading a book. The layout is brilliant, and the… Continue reading A Similar Journey

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Never Going Back

I value open-mindedness over most other things. When I was going through my deconversion and having frequent religious discussions with my family, I often felt that they weren't being open-minded. I know that it's hard (perhaps impossible) to judge how open-minded someone else is being, so I hesitate to even pass that kind of judgment.… Continue reading Never Going Back

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Discussion: What Did Jesus Teach?

This post is not going to be in the standard format. Instead of laying out what I think about a particular issue and then possibly getting into a discussion afterward, I really just want to ask a series of questions that I hope readers will answer in the comment section. My background with Christianity is… Continue reading Discussion: What Did Jesus Teach?