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Kindergartner Told Not To Pray At School

This morning, as I checked my email, I saw a headline similar to the one that leads this post and inwardly groaned. It has all the markers of the kind of modern-day Christian persecution story that people love to rally behind, just like this one: But how believable are these stories? As one of… Continue reading Kindergartner Told Not To Pray At School

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The Ultimate Blasphemy

There's a blog I read from time to time called Thomistic Bent. The latest post is a short video that tries to give a good reason for why the Bible says God commanded the Israelites to commit genocide against the Canaanites. The reasoning of this explanation is almost as perverse as the stories themselves. As… Continue reading The Ultimate Blasphemy

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Withdrawal Part 1: My Situation

Wrestling with doubts is very difficult. But when my wife and I began wrestling with questions about the Bible, our family situation made our struggle even tougher. We were part of a very conservative group known as the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ doesn't consider itself to be a denomination, nor does it… Continue reading Withdrawal Part 1: My Situation

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Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. - 1 Tim 3:12 Recently, we were discussing this passage in a bible class, and it caused me to think more deeply about it than I really have before. I'm blessed to live in America, where people have been free to… Continue reading Persecution