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Listening to the Old Prophet

I don’t usually like to reblog my old posts, but this one is over two years old, and we’ve recently had some discussions here that relate to it.

Finding Truth

There’s a story in the Bible that always bothered me when I was younger. Located in 1 Kings 13, it’s the story of a young prophet living in Judah whom God sends to Bethel in order to pass along a message to King Jeroboam of Israel. When he arrives, the prophet calls out to the altar in Bethel and prophesies that a king named Josiah will one day sacrifice all the false priests and prophets on it, and that it will be destroyed. Jeroboam doesn’t like the prophecy, and reaches out toward the prophet as he calls on his soldiers to seize him. But when he sees that his outstretched hand has become withered, he asks the prophet to have God restore his hand. The prophet complies. Then Jeroboam offers to reward the prophet, and this is what happens (v 8-10):

But the man of God answered the king…

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1 thought on “Listening to the Old Prophet”

  1. You raise valid questions in your post. These are all too often ignored or explained away by conservative Evangelicals.

    I view the Bible as a product of the Church and don’t single it out as being more inspired than later Christian writings.

    That said I don’t agree that people have not experienced anything with God if they also believed mistaken things.

    Cheers from Europe.


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