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So Stupid

answering-religious-errorSaw this today on Facebook and my blood started to boil. First of all, it was “liked” by one of my family members — a person who won’t discuss our differences. It really ticks me off to see her “like” a statement about truth, when she won’t defend that same statement.

Secondly, the quote says that a preacher would rather offend thousands than to fail to preach the truth to even one individual. Sadly, preachers don’t realize that they’re doing both the entire time.

Finally, if you bother to check out Answering Religious Error, it’s like shifting into another dimension. Each post is wrangling over some trivial detail, seemingly oblivious to the deluge of information that makes their entire stance irrelevant. I say “seemingly” rather than “completely,” because apologists of this stripe often do know some of the information that contradicts their stance, but they try very hard to keep their followers from discovering it.

I’ve gotten some flak over the years for the name of my blog, but I view “finding truth” as something aspirational — I’m not claiming to have found it. But “Answering Religious Error” definitely comes across as arrogant, especially when they’re so demonstrably wrong.


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  1. No, I don’t think it’s anyone I know personally. I wouldn’t bother giving him a name — why should it matter? I think sometimes these people like to see if they know you through some means so they can put personal pressure on you behind the scenes.

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  2. Peter said:

    Some of the disagreements were in the view of some, critical to salvation. I pondered why would God leave this uncertainty in such critical areas. It caused me much angst.

    I know exactly what you mean! I used to wonder why God had allowed certain passages to be so vague.

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  3. Sirius:

    Yeah, that graphic is quite a trip :/

    I haven’t seen that new church in Gardendale yet, but I don’t get up that way too often (I live south of town). But things have actually been pretty good lately. I’ve met a couple of other atheists in the area, which is always awesome (and surprising).

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  4. Or to see if I’m anyone famous, so they can find sources that refute me. I’m not, but then I’ve studied far more of the Bible’s sources than most of these sheeple.

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  5. Nate, are you in touch with Neil Carter, of “Godless in Dixie“? He too believes you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, but I say, who wants flies? You two are so terminally nice, one would almost think you were Canadian!

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  6. @Nate

    I’ve met a couple of other atheists in the area, which is always awesome (and surprising).

    This is the type of comment that really does my head in.
    It’s like reading,: ”Hey, I saw a Snow Leopard in the area which is always awesome…..”

    I am just surprised you are not required to ring a bell or forced to go out only after dark.

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  7. Ark, I have read that kind of comment on Neil Carter’s FB before – he talks about every public place playing religious music continuously – that would be at the Gym, in the dentist office, anywhere and everywhere. (He’s in Mississippi) It boggles the mind. .. I honestly cannot imagine it. He was a public school teacher and even got religious graffiti on his school items; harassment even from his students. (not to mention losing a job because of his atheism)

    Like I say, it’s hard to wrap your head around. I think, in Canada, the majority of people are discreet about their beliefs. That’s not to say that there aren’t some hardcore fundagelicals here, though!

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  8. I followed Arch’s lead and went on over to that facebook page.

    William, love you like a brother from another mother, but they’ll eat you alive over there.

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  9. oh ye of little faith. I know their type and where to strike. They’ll most likely ban me because i know exactly where their weaknesses are. Do not be afraid, dearest Archaepteryxl, as you’re a dino-bird, not a chicken.

    I was born into a bunch like this.

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  10. Answering Religious Error
    September 30 at 10:12am

    Arche – if you don’t want to play childish games and we don’t either, then take off your childish identity and quit acting like a troll.

    I think I’ll tell him I’m Douglas Pierce — Bwhhahahahahahahaha!

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  11. He doesn’t seem to understand what a troll is. Trolls make a nuisance, in part, because they aren’t there to discuss anything real, or they resort to personal attacks. You’ve simply posted information that he doesn’t like, and you’re doing it under an assumed name.

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