Is It Fair to Expect Inerrancy from the Bible When We Don’t Expect It from Other Sources?

In the comment thread of my last post, some of us mentioned that it's hard for us to understand the point of view of Christians who believe the Bible can be inspired by God, without holding to the doctrine of inerrancy. unkleE left the following comment: How is it that in everything else in life… Continue reading Is It Fair to Expect Inerrancy from the Bible When We Don’t Expect It from Other Sources?


Letter to a Friend

Several months ago, I received a letter from a childhood friend whom I haven't heard from in a very long time. She and I were both raised in the same fundamentalist branch of Christianity (Church of Christ), and our parents are still very close. Her preacher recently did a series of sermons on evidences for… Continue reading Letter to a Friend

Skeptical Bible Study: Tower of Babel

I was listening to a recent speech that Matt Dillahunty gave in Australia (listen here if you're interested), and in part of it he brought up the story of the Tower of Babel, found in Genesis 11. It's a story I've thought about several times since leaving Christianity. I don't recall everything Matt said about… Continue reading Skeptical Bible Study: Tower of Babel

Some Questions for my Fellow Nonbelievers

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other day, and it started me on a certain train of thought about two topics in particular. I think they're often points of misunderstanding between those who are religious and those who aren't. I have my own thoughts about these two issues, but I'd… Continue reading Some Questions for my Fellow Nonbelievers


Keep it simple, stupid. One of my college professors reminded us of that acronym constantly whenever we were discussing programming or system design. It tends to be good advice. I was reminded of it earlier today when I heard some people discussing the Sabbath Day. The Ten Commandments tell us that the Sabbath Day is… Continue reading KISS