How Do You Navigate Christianity Without a Compass?

My friend UnkleE and I have been having a wide-ranging discussion on several topics related to Christianity that ultimately come down to epistemology, or how Christians know God's will. The discussion began in my last post, which critiqued a doctrine common to more moderate circles within Christianity. UnkleE had more to say on the subject… Continue reading How Do You Navigate Christianity Without a Compass?


Does God Change from the Old Testament to the New?

I started to leave this post as a comment on ratamacue0's recent post, What Started My Questioning? but decided to post it instead. Fellow blogger (and friend) unkleE left this comment as part of a conversation that he and ratamacue0 were having: ...most non-believers seem not to recognise that there isn’t one consistent portrait of… Continue reading Does God Change from the Old Testament to the New?

Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Israel’s Restoration

I was recently told that an excellent example of prophecy fulfillment in the Bible is the prophecy that the nation of Israel would be restored, as recorded in Ezekiel 4. If true, that would be a huge boost to the Bible's credibility, so let's dig in and see how it fares. In Ezek 4:4-6, God… Continue reading Ezekiel’s Prophecy of Israel’s Restoration