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“Times of Ignorance”

There's a passage in the Bible that has long stood out to me. When I was a Christian, I found it comforting; now, I just find it perplexing. In Acts 17 (beginning in verse 16), Paul is visiting Athens. Since it was a hub of philosophy and culture, it had temples and altars to a… Continue reading “Times of Ignorance”

Agnosticism, Atheism, Christianity, Faith, God, Religion, Salvation, Truth

Can a True Christian Ever Lose Her Faith?

Many Christians believe in the doctrine of eternal security, which teaches that once someone is saved, they can never lose that salvation. It's a very comforting thought, but it's not without controversy. First of all, not all Christians believe in this doctrine, because the Bible gives very mixed signals about it. Secondly, most people who… Continue reading Can a True Christian Ever Lose Her Faith?