What Makes Something Right or Wrong?

The British Humanist Association has several great videos on YouTube, and this is one of my favorites. https://youtu.be/9tpL1K8ZqrU


Love and Compulsion

I'm currently reading a book where the author said that God remains hidden from us today so that we may freely choose to love him or not. You can't generate love through compulsion, he argued. And he's right about that. As an illustration, he gave Kierkegaard's story about a king in disguise: Once upon a… Continue reading Love and Compulsion

A Curious Mix of Confidence and Low Self-Esteem

Since leaving Christianity, I've had time to reflect on why some people leave their faith when confronted with issues and why others stay. The reasons are quite varied, of course. And a large part of how people react depends upon how literally they take things in the Bible. I was raised in a very conservative… Continue reading A Curious Mix of Confidence and Low Self-Esteem

3 Questions for Atheists — 1st Question

A week or two ago, friend and fellow blogger unkleE posed some questions to atheists, and instead of getting into them in that thread, I decided to address them here. 1. Do humans have choice to change the course of events? If so, how does it work in a physicalist universe? If not, who is… Continue reading 3 Questions for Atheists — 1st Question

If You Go to Heaven, Do You Lose Free Will?

If you guys have time, I'd like for you to check out the discussion a few of us have been having over at the Thomistic Bent blog on the post "Can We Be Free in Heaven and yet Not Sin?" Humblesmith wrote this post to answer the following question: If evil and sin are the… Continue reading If You Go to Heaven, Do You Lose Free Will?