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Is Color Objective or Subjective?

Do you see red the same way that I do? I suppose there's not really a way to know. Even if we could agree on seeing the subtle differences between fire engine red and candy apple red, how do we know that we're seeing those differences in the same way? You could get an objective… Continue reading Is Color Objective or Subjective?

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Memory’s a Funny Thing

Recently, the ten most memorable moments of British TV were voted on, and Colin Firth coming out of the lake in Pride and Prejudice won most memorable. To commemorate, a huge statue of Colin Firth has been sculpted and has apparently been making the rounds to various lakes in Britain. But what's really interesting about… Continue reading Memory’s a Funny Thing

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Interesting Discussion

Hello! So it's been a little while since I last posted. I try to do at least one post every month, but November completely slipped by. I've been very busy at work, which is a great thing financially, but not so great where my blog is concerned. Nonetheless, I hope to have another post or… Continue reading Interesting Discussion

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Never Going Back

I value open-mindedness over most other things. When I was going through my deconversion and having frequent religious discussions with my family, I often felt that they weren't being open-minded. I know that it's hard (perhaps impossible) to judge how open-minded someone else is being, so I hesitate to even pass that kind of judgment.… Continue reading Never Going Back

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Discussion: What Did Jesus Teach?

This post is not going to be in the standard format. Instead of laying out what I think about a particular issue and then possibly getting into a discussion afterward, I really just want to ask a series of questions that I hope readers will answer in the comment section. My background with Christianity is… Continue reading Discussion: What Did Jesus Teach?

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Tecumseh the Prophet

I just finished reading The Frontiersmen by Allan Eckert, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't realize how little I knew about this period of American history, until I read this book. Eckert's book is not historical fiction, it's an actual history covering the settlement of the areas around Kentucky and Ohio. It centers mostly… Continue reading Tecumseh the Prophet